Frequently asked questions

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Why do you need my personal information?

We need personal information for registrations and generating certificates. Our privacy statement states how we (as controller) deal with your privacy.

Are my personal data safe?

The platform is GDPR compliant. Your personal data is stored at a certified data center in the Netherlands according to ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN7510. Every month, adjustments are made to the platform to prevent and solve possible security problems. Tests are also performed by third parties to determine whether the platform is still secure and complies with laws and regulations.

What happens with my (personal) data?

We only ask for information that we need for registration, logging in and access to the site. You are responsible for the correctness of your data. Your data will be deleted one year after your registration has expired. For more information, you can consult the privacy statement in the footer of the website.

Can I view, change or delete my data?

You have the right to inspect your data, correct or delete it. You can submit a request for this via To prevent abuse, we may ask you to identify yourself. You will receive a response within 4 weeks. You can use the same email address to report a data breach.

How do I get in touch with the Data Protection Officer?

You can contact our Data Protection Officer via

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